Introducing The GLO-X Retailers Spray Paint Starter Pack

When a product stands out, it sells. As a retailer, you’d know that. And so do the team at GLO-X. That’s why our range of products sell so well.

More than simply buying our stock to sell in your store, GLO-X supports your marketing of the products, providing you with our unique selling tools that will get customer’s attention, helping you make more sales and increase your profits.

Here are all the extra freebies you’ll get with the GLO-X Spray Paint Starter Pack

Glow Spray Paint Light Up Display Stand

To help customers see the full effect of how GLO-X spray paint works at night (as that’s seriously the best visual selling point), we’ve created the world’s first light up display stand for your front counter.

Just like chocolate at a supermarket checkout, we’ve found that GLO-X spray paint becomes that impulse buy that intrigues customers on their way out of the shop.

The stand:

  • Has high impact flashing animation graphics to show all uses, powered by 12 volts
  • Is a black, high gloss acrylic stand that is 16cm (D) x 22cm (W) x 40cm (H) so won’t take up too much counter space but will get noticed
  • Comes with Green and Undercoat sample cans, so your customers know what to look for

Glow Spray Paint Posters

Our dynamic posters are great for front windows, getting noticed as customers are walking or driving past your store. You’ll also want to hang one inside your store, perhaps near the relevant section to subtly entice your customers to the product.

The posters:

  • Are large enough to be seen from a distance, but not taking up your entire window or store (59cm W x 84cm H
  • Come in packs of 3 , but you can order more if you have a larger store
  • Are printed on high gloss stock and designed to last

Glow Spray Paint Personalised Video

  • There will always be customers who need to see the product in use to get the full effect of what it does. That’s why the GLO-X team have created a short, 20-second video that shows customers the many cool uses of the Glow Spray Paint.

    The video:

    • Is branded with your retail logo and displays your website for sales
    • Is short & snappy to create max impact without losing interest
    • Can be used on your website, social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) or sent out as a promo to your database via EDM

Glow Spray Paint Images

  • So you don’t waste time creating images to promote the GLO-X spray paint range on your social channels, we’ve created them for you. Given to you electronically, all you need to do is open the file & start posting online.

    The images:

    • Are ready to be used on all your social media channels, suitable for the different platforms.
    • Are high-quality GLO-X images so the resolution will pop off the screen to grab attention
    • Can be used with links to your website or store, so you convert the leads to sales

Superglo Character Hire

  • This option works perfectly when you’re either having in-store promos or big sales weekends. You can hire for FREE our Dynamic Superglo character costume that either one of our staff (pending location) or yours can slip into, stand at the front of your store and have some fun with customers.

The character costume hire:
  • Is bright green and black so stands out and will have customers wondering what you’re promoting
  • Can be worn by your employees (you get to choose!) or ours (pending location)
  • Must be booked in advance so we can make sure the costume arrives on time for your special event

Superglo Stickers & Competition

  • Kids are your secret weapon! They love the Superglo man stickers.They’ll take them home and stick them somewhere (or leave them in the car), so they’re constantly in sight and subconsciously do your selling to parents for you! Entice them further with a competition to win a Superglo print.

    The stickers and competition:

    • Are a massive hit with the kids who love superheroes
    • Come in a pack of 100 and measure 90mm x 55mm
    • Give kids the chance to WIN 1 of 12  Superglo GLOW IN THE DARK Prints

The stock you’ll pay for in the GLO-X Spray Paint Starter Pack

GLO-X Spray Paint Starter Pack Stock

  • Because we can’t give everything away for free (we’d go out of business if we did!), all we ask is that you pay for the stock included with the starter pack. You’ll receive 24 GREEN spray paint cans (300g) and 12 UNDERCOAT spray paint cans (300g). 

    And when you sell out, we’ll make it easy for you to get more product:

    • Our partnered retailers receive instant discounts on refill stock
    • All refill packs come in packs of 12, so you can easily track stock levels
    • Our online portal is the quickest way to order more products

Ready to make more sales with the GLO-X Spray Paint Starter Pack?

 If you want to give the GLO-X Glow Spray Paint a run in your store (with all the marketing support you could ask for), then please complete the form below, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to give you more information on our special retailers GLO-X Spray Paint Starter Pack deal.

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