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GLO-X Wheel Glow

$15.95 ( $14.50 Ex GST )

  • World’s Most powerful wheel glow
  • Illuminates 360º when in motion at night
  • 2 wheel glows per pack
  • See & Be Seen At Night
  • 48 cyclists died & 7000 were injured in Aus 2019
  • 65% of accidents were between 6-9pm in the dark
  • Could save your life or stop you from injury
  • Spectacular to see when illuminated
  • Kids will absolutely love the wheels spinning glow
  • Simply leave in natural or powered light to charge
  • A fully charged wheel glow will glow for 12 hours +
  • Can be recharged an unlimited number of times.
  • Dimensions 150mm long x 2mm in diameter

GLO-X Wheel Glow

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When you use the world’s most powerful wheel glow markers from revolutionary Australian company GLO-X, you’ll keep yourself safer when you’re riding at night. Did you know that 48 cyclists died and 7000 more were injured in Australia during 2019 and that 65% of these accidents occurred between 6-9p at night? It’s a shocking fact that’s not widely known, but GLO-X is here to help keep you protected while riding at night.

It’s as easy as clipping the wheel glow markers to the spokes of your bike wheel. When you start pedalling, the glow markers will illuminate 360º while you’re riding at night. Not only will this help you be seen by cars and other cyclists, but it looks spectacular while you’re riding down the dark streets. Kids also love the spinning glow and will want to stay outside riding their bikes at night which is better than idly playing video games!

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