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GLO-X Glow Moon 200 x 200mm Print

$19.95 ( $18.14 Ex GST )

  • The world’s most powerful ‘ Love You To The Moon & Back  Print with an ambient glowing moon that comes to life at night
  • You can easily hang this glow print on your wall with the Commander adhesive strip supplied
  • The glow print measures 200mm x 200mm and make a brilliant feature image on any wall
  • The  glow print has a great colour during the day, recharging with natural or powered light, to come to glowing life at night
  • The ‘Love You to the Moon and Back’ glow print can be recharged an unlimited number of times and when charged, will glow for 12+ hours


GLO-X Glow Moon 200 x 200mm Print

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One of the world’s most popular sayings, ‘Love you to the moon and back’, is now available in a glowing print from Australian company GLO-X. Better than traditional prints that you can only see during the day, you’ll love this print that comes to glowing life at night. When darkness falls, the moon on this print lights up, creating an ambient light source that gently lights up the room.

Perfect for kids and adults, the meaningful ‘love you to the moon and back’, will let the ones you love know you feel. This 200mm x 200mm print featuring the world’s most powerful glow lights looks great during the day and even better at night. The glow is gentle enough not to disturb sleep but creates a soft glow to help you see your way around the room in the darkness of night. It’s perfect for kids who may need a light to help them sleep, and for those who get up and down during the night.

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