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GLO-X Glow Zip Marker 12 Pack

$14.95 ( $13.59 Ex GST )

  • The world’s most powerful glow zip markers from GLO-X come in a pack of 12 so you’ve got enough for your tent, sleeping bags and backpacks
  • The brilliant glow from the glow zip markers makes locating zips at night a breeze, making your tent escape quicker and easier
  • You’ll never again wake up everyone with bright lights, and the soft glow of the zip markers won’t keep you awake
  • Kids love the glow zip markers on their sleeping bags and backpacks, giving them more security knowing they can find their way at night
  • During the day, leave your glow zip markers in natural or powered light to charge and they’ll glow for 12+ hours
  • These zip markers will change your camping experience, and the beauty of them is, they can be recharged unlimited times, so you’ll use them for years to come

GLO-X Glow Zip Marker 12 Pack

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Forget fumbling to find zips at night with the world’s most powerful Glow Zipper Markers from GLO-X. Have you ever been camping when you’ve had that ‘midnight call’? It’s pitch black, and you can’t find the torch you’re sure you had next to your pillow. So, you fumble to find the tent zipper, running your fingernails over the canvas, making that annoying noise and waking up everyone sleeping in the tent. And that’s all pending you’ve found your sleeping bag zipper first and made it out!

The GLO-X glow zipper markers emit a brilliant soft green glow, illuminating those hard to find zips in the dark. They also work well for helping your find backpack zippers, allowing you to quietly find your midnight snack while you’re camping or fishing at night. You’ll never again need to fumble for a torch, turn on bright floodlights and wake up peaceful sleeping campers on those dark nights.

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