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GLO-X Glow Green Spray Paint

$29.95 ( $27.23 Ex GST )

  • The world’s most powerful glow paint is super easy to apply and comes in a 300g can (watch the instruction video and you’ll see how it works)
  • The GLO-X team recommend you start with the GLO-X base coat first to achieve the ultimate glow to make your products come to life in the darkness
  • The glow green spray paint is perfect for bicycles, motorbikes, helmets and skateboards to ride safely at night
  • Let your imagination run wild, get your kids involved, and you’ll soon have everything glowing in the dark
  • Leave your items in natural or powered light during the day to charge and they’ll glow for 12+ hours when in darkness
  • Once you’ve painted your items, you can rest assured that they’ll recharge an unlimited number of times and won’t wear off

GLO-X Glow Green Spray Paint

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If you’re a fan of all things glow in the dark, you’ve got to get your hands on a can of the GLO-X glow green spray paint. We all know that kids love glow in the dark products (glowing stars have illuminated bedroom ceilings for many years), but the team at GLO-X Australian know adults get just as secretly excited as kids. Let your imagination run wild, and you’ll soon find lots of things to make glow in the dark!

The GLO-X glow green spray paint is hugely popular with people who ride at night. It’s widely used to spray bicycles, motorbikes, skateboards and helmets for added safety on dark roads. The news often reports bike riders being hit on dark streets, so the glow green spray paint is perfect for illuminating you, helping cars to see you more easily at night. The GLO-X glow green spray paint has also been used on car tyres to give their car the night time wow factor, along with fishermen painting their lures and tackle boxes so they can find them on dark piers at night.



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