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GLO-X Base Coat White Paint

$12.95 ( $11.77 Ex GST )

  • It’s strongly recommended that you use the GLO-X White Base Coat Paint before the glow green spray paint to achieve the ultimate in glowing power
  • Some prep work is required however it’s not too hard and totally worth the effort to take your time to get this right (watch our instruction video to see how easy it is)
  • The GLO-X white base coat paint comes in a 300g can and we recommend that you apply 2 to 3 coats
  • Once you’ve applied the GLO-X white base coat, finish your masterpiece with the GLO-X glow green spray paint and then enjoy your glowing items

GLO-X Base Coat White Paint

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To give your items the ultimate glowing power, it’s recommended that you start by applying the GLO-X Base Coat White Paint. If you’re passionate about glow in the dark products, you want to get it right, so you achieve the best glow possible. That’s why it’s highly encouraged that before you use the GLO-X glow green spray paint, that you apply a few coats of the GLO-X base coat.

By applying this white base coat, you’ll find you get the best results when you’re creating glow in the dark masterpieces. As with all things paint related, some prep work is required (light sanding, cleaning, applying and reapplying), but you can trust the GLO-X team when we say, it’s totally worth it and not that hard! You can watch our instruction video to see how easy it is to do. It won’t be long until you’re painting all types of things (bikes, motorbikes, helmets, skateboards are the most popular) with the GLO-X glow spray paint range.

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