Glow Phone & Key Charms

$12.95 ( $11.77 Ex GST )

  • World’s most powerful glow charms
  • Illuminates your phone or keys at night
  • Perfect for finding things at the bottom of your bag
  • Allows you to see in the dark
  • Brilliant charm designs with 6 options to mix and match
  • 6 assorted charms, rings and ropes per pack
  • Easy to apply with the rings and ropes included
  • Leave in natural light to charge (no batteries needed)
  • The charms will glow for 12+ hours
  • Can be recharged an unlimited number of times
  • Dimensions are 25mm in diameter and 3mm thick

Glow Phone & Key Charms

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If you’ve ever felt your bag is a bottomless pit, you’d know what it’s like to lose your keys or your phone, where you must empty your bag to find them. And it’s even worse at night when you’re frantically trying to find your keys or phone in the dark and can’t see a thing. Or how about when you wake up to check the time or a message, and you can’t find where you’ve left your phone?

The brilliant glow in the dark phone and key charms from Glo-X is a novel way for you to see in the dark. Designed to suit most tastes, each pack has a range of 6 charms that include a glow in the dark star, moon, dog, panda, cross and heart. Powered by natural light, they come to life at night, helping you quickly find your phone or keys .



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