Glow Lighting Sleeve

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  • Glow Sleeve 1200mm length, diameter 28mm
  • Sleeve is placed over a LED or fluorescent light tube
  • Watch video to see how simple they are to insert
  • Charges quickly from the powered or natural light
  • GLO-X Lighting sleeve meets Australian emergency lighting standards that require 90 minutes minimum to illuminate
  • Fully charged they will glow for 12+ hours
  • Sufficient light is produced to enable way finding
  • Safety is paramount in the event of power failure or emergency
  • Acts as security measure all night to deter burglars
  • Ultimate garage/patio/kitchen light at home
  • No cost to run so will save you money
  • Can be recharged an unlimited number of times

Glow Lighting Sleeve

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Product Description

The GLO-X glow lighting sleeve will revolutionise the way you see light. If you’ve ever been left in the dark during a blackout, you’d know it’s not fun. You fumble around for torches (or your phone that’s fallen down the crack in the couch), your kids start to panic, and you take a peek out the window to see if the whole neighbourhood is out or you’ll need to make the dark walk to your power box.

When you place the world’s most powerful glow sleeve over your existing LED or fluorescent light tubes, you’ll never be left in the dark. When the lights go out, the GLO-X glow lighting sleeves come to life, illuminating rooms with enough light for you to safely move around. It’s perfect for use at home (garages, patios and kitchens), or in factory environments where employee safety is paramount for OH&S.

The GLO-X lighting sleeve is easy to install (see our video) and meets the Australian emergency lighting standards that require 90 minutes minimum to remain illuminated.

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