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Glow Lighting Sleeve

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  • World’s Most Powerful Glow Lighting Sleeve
  • The LED sleeve is placed over a LED or fluorescent light tube.
  • The Lighting sleeve charges quickly from the powered light
  • When lights are turned off the sleeve will glow for 12 hours plus
  • Sufficient light is produced to enable way finding
  • Safety is paramount in the event of power failure or emergency
  • Glow Sleeve acts as security measure all night to deter burglars
  • Ultimate garage light at home
  • No cost to run so will save you money
  • Length 1200 tube, Internal diameter 28mm
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Lighting Sleeve

Quick Charge

12hr Plus Glo

No Batteries

Unlimited Recharges

Increases Visibility

Enhances Safety

Product Description

Glo-X Powerless fail safe is guaranteed for night visibility. The LED Sleeve is simply placed over a standard LED or fluorescent light tube, it can be charged by either natural or
powered light to enable the illumination to occur in a low level light situation.
Available in 1200mm tube lengths with an external diameter of 32.5mm and internal diameter of 28mm. The light produced by the sleeve can replace the LED tube light with a
powerless illumination in a typical safety or emergency situation.
Sufficient light is produced to enable way finding and reading of other safety / emergency instructions and signage in the event of a power failure or emergency. The Glo-X Lighting sleeve is your emergency lighting system for stairways, engine rooms, offices, factories, gazebos, boating & camping and is the ultimate garage light.
Imagine leaving a factory or office at night and turning the lights off for which for the next 12 hours you will have approx. 40% light still at no cost. The security aspect to having lights on all night will give greater peace of mind.
Glo-X manufacture the world’s most powerful glow lights, used in a wide range of applications across the industrial, military, residential and recreational sectors. These are
products that do not only glow much longer than any other; Glo-X’s proprietary technology is so powerful, it has the capacity to light up rooms.
Not relying on grid power, batteries or chemical reactants, Glo-X provides exactly what you need when it turns pitch black and that is Unstoppable Lighting.

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