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GLO-X Glow Key Tags

$9.95 ( $9.05 Ex GST )

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  • Although perhaps not as trendy as your designer label key tag, you can brag you’ve got the world’s most powerful glow key tag
  • Simply leave your key tag on the bench or your desk in natural sunlight, and it will recharge an unlimited number of times
  • You will receive 2 different sized key tags (35mm & 28mm in diameter) for keys, dogs & cats.
  • Their small and lightweight at 3 & 2 grams in weight) so it won’t add bulk to your key ring or weigh down your bag
  • No more noisy jingling sounds as they are made of polypropylene
  • Included 2 stainless steel (rust proof) 25ml split rings
  • Personalise on the back a name and contact number with clear DYMO label or thin black marker pen
  • Your key tags will glow for 12+ hours, perfect if you’re a night shift worker or out partying all night
  • You’ll never again wake up the household, fumbling for lost keys on dark porches
  • Makes you feel more secure when walking to your car alone at night as you’ll locate your keys, unlock your car and start the car using the glow from your key tag

GLO-X Glow Key Tags

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If you come and go a lot at night, you’re going to love the GLO-X Glow Key Tag. As the world’s most powerful glow in the dark key tag, this revolutionary product is a must-have if you’re a night shift worker or enjoying going out at night. You’ll avoid the need for turning on lights and waking up your household as you locate your keys and the front door lock.

The brilliant glow from the glowing tag not only helps you find your keys in the dark (or buried at the bottom of a handbag) but will illuminate your car ignition, making it easier to get in and start your car at night quickly. And if you’ve ever come home to discover your front light has blown (or you forgot to turn it on!), the glow key tag will illuminate your door lock, helping you to get inside without fumbling to find the right key.

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