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Glow Fish Attractor

$15.95 ( $14.50 Ex GST )

  • As the world’s most powerful glow fish attractor, this lure acts as a light trap, sparkling like diamonds in the water
  • The GLO-X glow fish attractor lures in entire food chains, starting with Zooplankton, enticing bait fish and ultimately attracting the larger game fish
  • You can use the glow fish attractor alongside your favourite lure or by itself
  • The GLO-X glow fish attractor recharges in natural or powered light and can be recharged an unlimited number of times
  • Your glow fish attractor will glow for 12+ hours, perfect for those all-night fishing trips
  • Easy to use, the glow fish attractor can be used when fishing from boats, jetties, bridges or on the shore
  • The glow fish attractor has an overall length of 245mm x 50mm

Glow Fish Attractor

SKU GL7 Glow Fish Attractor Category

Do you want to know the secret of catching more fish than ever before? You need the GLO-X Glow Fish Attractor. If you’ve never heard of the world’s most powerful glow fish attractor, you’ve been fighting the losing fishing battle. This revolutionary fishing lure is used alongside your favourite lure, emitting a glowing green light that looks like diamonds sparkling in the water.

The glowing, sparkling green light of the GLO-X Glow Fish Attractor is your secret weapon in fishing. Make a bet with your mates that you’ll catch more fish or attract the catch of the day. Then pop the glow fish attractor on your line and watch as it works its magic to attract entire food chains deep in the dark ocean at night. Firstly Zooplankton swarm, attracting bait fish and in turn what you’re really after, the bigger game fish. Using the GLO-X glow fish attractor, you’ll never again need to make up stories about the one that got away as you’ll be the one taking it home to claim bragging rights.

Weight 0.38 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 0.25 cm

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