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GLO-X Glow Dog Tags

$9.95 ( $9.05 Ex GST )


  • You will receive 2 different sized Glow tags (35mm & 28mm in diameter) for dogs,cats and keys
  • There small and lightweight at 3 & 2 grams each so it won’t bother your dog at all
  • No more noisy jingling sounds as they are made of polypropylene
  • You’ll easily find your dog in the dark (no more panic or tripping over sleeping dogs)
  • Personalise on the back a name and contact number with clear DYMO label or thin black marker pen
  • Included 2 stainless steel (rust proof) 25ml split rings
  • Makes night time walking safer as you’re visible to cars and bikes
  • Helps dogs with night blindness to see what’s around them and move around safely
  • Naturally powered by sunlight during the day and can be recharged unlimited times
  • The glow will last for 12+ hours
  • Proven to be the world’s most powerful glow dog tags, your dog will be setting new trends in your neighbourhood, making the other dogs green with envy

GLO-X Glow Dog Tags

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The GLO-X dog tag is perfect for those who love taking their dog out for a night walk. The world’s most powerful glow in the dark dog tag will make sure you’re seen by cars, cyclists and other dog walkers while you’re out at night. It’s also great for highlighting sleeping dogs in dark rooms so you don’t trip over them! If you’re older dog is suffering from night blindness, the brilliant glow will also help them to see what’s around them, making nighttime safer for your old pooch.

During the day, the glow dog tag naturally recharges while your dog is lazing around in the sunshine, enjoying a nap or munching on a bone. When darkness falls, the glow in the dark dog tag will become illuminated, helping your dog to see, and be seen at night. You’ll never lose your dog again in an unlit backyard, a park or a camping site.

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