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GLO-X Glow 1 Litre Green Paint

$129.95 ( $118.14 Ex GST )

  • The 1 litre Glow Green Paint is the world’s most powerful glow paint
  • Its usage is only limited by your imagination but is perfect for bikes, motorbikes, helmets, skateboards, car wheels and boats for added night time safety
  • To achieve the ultimate glow, it’s recommended that you apply the GLO-X base coat first
  • It’s easy to apply with a spray gun (watch our video to see for yourself how it works)
  • Your items will recharge with natural or powered light during the day and can be recharged an unlimited number of times
  • Once charged, the GLO-X green glow paint will keep glowing for 12+ hours in the dark

GLO-X Glow 1 Litre Green Paint

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When you’re a glow in the dark addict, grab 1 Litre of the Glow Green Paint from the producers of the world’s most powerful glow products, GLO-X. During the day, your items look normal, but when night time falls, they’ll come to life with an ambient green glow. Fun for adults and kids alike, you’ll find so many uses for the GLO-X glow green paint.

If you love to ride at night, paint your bike, helmets and skateboards with the glow green paint for added safety along with the wow factor as you zip along the dark streets. At home or in factories, you can paint pathways, garages, floors, driveways and the like to make sure you stay safe when the lights go out. The GLO-X glow green paint also looks impressive on boats at night time, helping you to not only attract more fish to your glowing boat but helping others to see you on the dark ocean. Or if you’re looking at making a statement, try painting your car tyres to create a glowing spectacular while driving at night.

Weight 1.00 kg

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