GLO-X Fishermans Pack

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  • This fisherman’s pack includes 2 GLO-X glow fish attractors and 4 GLO-X glow zip markers
  • As the world’s most powerful glow fish attractor, you’ll lure entire food chains, from Zooplankton and bait fish through to the bigger game fish
  • Use the GLO-X glow fish attractor alongside your favourite fishing lure
  • The glow fish attractor emits a green light with a frequency below 500nm and looks like diamonds sparkling in the dark water of night
  • The GLO-X glow fish attractor recharges in natural or powered light and can be recharged an unlimited number of times
  • Your glow fish attractor will glow for 12+ hours, perfect for those all-night fishing trips
  • Easy to use, the glow fish attractor can be used when fishing from boats, jetties, bridges or on the shore

2 x Glow Fish Attractor


Glow Zip Marker

  • Four zip markers per pack
  • Great fishing at night to see backpack zips
  • Kids absolutely love them as they glow
  • Leave markers in natural or powered light to charge
  • A fully charged marker will glow for 12 hours +
  • World’s Most powerful glow zip markers
  • Can be recharged an unlimited number of times

GLO-X Fishermans Pack

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If you’re an avid fisherman, you need to get the GLO-X Fisherman’s Pack. Containing 2 of the revolutionary GLO-X Glow Fish Attractors, along with 3 GLO-X glow zip markers, it’s the ultimate pack for those who love night fishing. Using not one but two of the glow fish attractors, you can cast multiple lines, dramatically increasing your chance of snagging the catch of the night.

If you’ve never heard of the GLO-X glow fish attractor, you’ve been missing out on using the world’s most powerful glowing fishing lure. It works alongside your favourite lure to attract entire food chains, from Zooplankton right through to the bigger game fish. Emitting a luminous green glow, looking like diamonds sparkling in the water in the dark of night, fish are naturally attracted to it, increasing your chances of the catching bigger game fish. And if you’re sick of fumbling with zips on your backpack at night, you’ll love the glow zip markers, helping you easily open bags to grab out your midnight snacks while you’re fishin

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