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GLO-X Glow Babies Bedside Light Pad

$19.95 ( $18.14 Ex GST )

  • The best thing about the world’s most powerful glow pad is you’ll use no electricity and stop rising bill costs by leaving on traditional bedside lamps
  • The babies design features colorful balloons with love hearts in the middle that sensationally glow at night-time.
  • The babies bedside light pad recharges with natural or powered light during the day and can be recharged an unlimited number of times
  • The radiant glow will not affect sleep and gives off enough light for you to easily see in the dark so you can sneak in and out without waking your baby
  • The babies beside light pad is small (150mm x 150mm) so will blend in with the décor of your baby’s room without standing out
  • The glowing bedside light pad glows for 12+ hours so will last during daytime naps and into the long nighttime sleep

GLO-X Glow Babies Bedside Light Pad

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If you’re looking for a bedside light for your baby’s room, you can’t go past the GLO-X Babies Beside Light Pad. It’s no secret that bedtime with a baby can be a struggle. Some are fussier than others and need a bit more TLC when it comes to falling asleep. How many times have you won the battle, tiptoed out of the room and switched off the light only to have your bub wake up again? One thing to help your baby sleep soundly is a soft light.

The GLO-X Babies Bedside Light Pad gives off a soft, radiant glow that won’t affect sleep, but gives off enough light for your baby to feel secure, rather than being left alone in a dark room. If you need to sneak in during the night to remove bottles, replace a spat dummy, or change a dirty nappy, the glowing beside light will give you enough light without fully waking your baby using overhead lights.

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