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Unstoppable lighting perfect for multiple uses

GLO-X make the world’s most powerful glow lights. In fact, our technology is so powerful, it can light up entire rooms.

How many times have you been working and boom, the power’s out? Night shift in big commercial premises are the worst for this. Employees standing around waiting for generator lights to come on, fumbling for their phones to use spotlights, or worse – trying to walk to find a switch and risking injury.

By using the GLO-X range of paint and products, your industrial  premises will never be left in the dark again. Use it to mark machinery, walkways, light switches, fuse boxes, emergency exits and so much more.

Here’s a quick video to give you a demo.

Clever uses of GLO-X products

  • Boating – lighting up docks and piers, making night mooring easier, and on boats
    so they can be seen at night
  • Offices – lighting emergency exits, walkways and doors in case of blackouts
  • Building Block Plans/ Fire Extinguishers – helping people find how to escape
    buildings and where to find extinguishers in darkened, smoke filled rooms
  • Heavy Machinery – lighting up steps etc. for night use and generally just making
    them look super cool at night
  • Mines – lighting up shafts and entrances to eliminate the risk of battery failure
    in torches, chemical lamps and generated backup lights
  • Factories – lighting up exits, walkways, fuse boxes, light switches etc. in case of
    power failure
  • Aviation – lighting up runways and the below deck cabins so staff have clear
    vision if they need to enter that section
  • Military- light up target points, trucks, camps
  • Parks & Recreation – lighting up park entrances for night joggers, illuminating
    pathways and turning bikes and skateboards into glowing objects for visibility

Thinking about lighting up your industrial premises or project?

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