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GLO-X is a world leader in photoluminescence products. 

Glo-X products are made from polypropylene with a world first “Inert Pigment. Patented worldwide and NATA tested to meet DIN 67510, the requirement for safety guiding..

GLO-X products are the world’s most powerful glow lights and fully charged 
can  glow for 12 hours plus.

GLO-X products glow at their greatest in pitch darkness. Ambient lighting dulls the glow so always try to create an environment that is pitch dark and the results are amazing.

By testing in the world’s leading light testing laboratory – Click here for results

All products  are charged via direct sunlight or from natural light. Important to position your products  during the day so they can absorb as much light as possible so they glow at their best at night.

The ultimate is to paint the bike with the Glo-X undercoat then spray Glo-X green paint.  This will make almost the entire bike glow and be an awesome look whilst also keeping then safer. The other option is to buy the GLO-X Wheel Glow that easily clips onto the bike

By purchasing or using a paint spray gun which allows you to paint small or large objects. See paint instruction video.

This is the ultimate garage light and will act as an emergency lighting back up system for your family when there is a power failure. Will save you money as you won’t
need to turn the main lights on as the glow sleeve will allow you to see in the garage.

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YES and they require no electricity so the cost to charge is
free everyday and saving you money plus making the world a brighter place.

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