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GLO-X – Creators of
Unstoppable Lighting

Revolutionising the way the world sees light, GLO-X have created the most powerful glow lights in existence. Their unique technology is so powerful, it can light up entire rooms.

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Seeing the need for an alternative light source, as let’s face it – electricity fails, batteries run out and chemical lighting isn’t exactly ideal – GLO-X set out to create a light source that can be used anywhere, at any time.

After careful planning, testing and refining their technology, GLO-X invented the world’s most powerful glow light and paints.

Now being used in a wide range of applications across the industrial, military, residential and recreational sectors, GLO-X products are proving time and time again to be the best alternative light source on the market.

GLO-X provide you with exactly what you need when it turns pitch black.
………unstoppable lighting.

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